She is in hospital and can't stop repeating catchy song. This is what pop music will do to you kids.

Cool looking tombstone

If you think that Ashton is kinda looking like Steve Jobs or even you think he doesn't look at all, take a look at these comparison photos that will change your mind

Cute strange cat

06 NOV 2014

Monty is cat that is messed up in the cutest way possible. She has strange looking face because she laks nasal bridge.

Amazon announced that members of their Amazon Prime program will now have unlimited cloud photo storage.
Amazon Prime is service with price of $99 annually and it already includes things as free 2-day shipping from Amazon, million songs, 100,000 TV episodes and movies to stream for free and 600,000 books that you can borrow for reading.

He broke up with his girlfriend and now a plane ticket for a trip around the world with her name on it is waiting for some girl. You must be from Canada and you should have first name Elizabeth while your last name is Gallagher.

The route is really nice, here it is.
December 21: NYC --> Milan
December 28: Prague --> Paris
December 29: Paris --> Bangkok
January 7: Bangkok --> New Dehli
January 8: New Dehli --> Toronto

He started a reddit thread to find his new trip partner, so if you meet the criteria hurry up.

Corpse was frozen, sliced every 1mm and photographed. Those photographs were stitched and this was the result. You can find out more details in the video below.

And actually EVERYBODY was watching her. Great song, great dance

Somebody should give him a pair of high heels

TakaraTomy will release Transformers that transform into gaming consoles. Optimus Prime will transform into the Sony PlayStation. Not just the basic console. it will have a memory card and a controller. Megatron will transofrm into the Sega Mega Drive that will also come with card and controller.